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Recap: 2821bis-01 Issue 1: Format of domain - trailing period

2007-04-16 21:04:39

The following issue with 2821bis-01 is still open, but we have a
tentative conclusion that needs to be affirmed after 2821bis-02 comes out.

1)      Format of domain name - does it allow/not-allow/require
period/trailing-period in TLD?

The discussion on this issue was all over the place with no totally
clear consensus. The trend was toward no dot, but adding some
explanations about top level domains.

An email was sent to the ICANN to find out why some country code TLDs
have MX records, but no response has been received.

When 2821bis-02 comes out, please review the text in section 2.3.5.

        Tony Hansen

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