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Re: Recap: 2821bis-01 Issue 1: Format of domain - trailing period

2007-04-17 03:53:21

John C Klensin writes:
Bottom line, based on responses received so far, is that no one is using mail to TLD names. Some think they would like to.

Ah. I'm sure Verisign would like to _be_ .com ;)

My impression, based on those remarks but, more important, on my reading of the comments on the list, is that we shouldn't ban mail to TLD domains, but should clarify and strengthen the "only FQDNs on the wire" rule.

That would satisfy me, although I remain jittery about highly unusual syntax. (If 99.99% of email is to non-TLDs, the last 0.01% will attract more than its share of bugs. Is that 0.01% worth the bugs? But all this is just a parenthetical remark.)

 When 2821bis-02 comes out, please review the text in section 2.3.5.


Of course.