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Re: recap of 2821bis-01 closed issues

2007-04-17 11:26:14

Tony Hansen wrote:

0a)     rewrite section 7.1 to remove terms like "ignorant"
        consensus to do

Section 7.1 has to be rewritten from scratch, it's unacceptable.
But IMO that can wait until most less controversial issues are

0b)     clarify MAIL FROM validation and EHLO validity tests
        no consensus to change

The duties of a border MTA, i.e. either "accept and eat your
spam" or "if in doubt reject", are not yet clear in the draft.
We can discuss it later in conjunction with a new section 7.1.

12)     IPv6 issues with MX records
        proposed wording received from ADs

Please post a Message-ID, I missed that.  The "IPv6 only" case
is related to 0a and 0b:  No IPv4 only user can be interested
in spam from "IPv6 only", let alone legit mail from "IPv6 only".
It's also related to UTF8SMTP.


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