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Re: rfc2821bis-01 Issue 18: Usability of 1yz replies

2007-04-23 16:10:16

Hector Santos wrote:

The ABNF says:

   Reply-line     = Reply-code [ SP text ] CRLF

it does not say:

   Reply-line     = Reply-code [ SP | "-" text ] CRLF

nor does it say:

   Reply-line     = Reply-code

The RFC says:

   Formally, a reply is defined to be the sequence: a
   three-digit code, <SP>, one line of text, and <CRLF>, or a multiline
   reply (as defined in section 4.2.1).

The ABNF you are quoting describes only a non-multiline reply.  Multiline
replies are defined in section 4.2.1.


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