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Updated status on 2821bis 4/24

2007-04-24 22:09:40

This is a recap of where we stand on issues that I consider to be closed
with respect to 2821bis-02. John is getting ready to submit -03 and
these will be included. I will send out separate messages on other
issues that are not yet closed.

Thank you everyone for your help.

By the way, the rate of adding new items vs. closing items *is* sloping
in the right direction.

        Tony Hansen

The following issues are closed. There has been no activity requesting
changes since -02 was posted:

1       Format of domain - trailing period
8       Number of recipients/ number of transactions per connection

Text has been changed in -03 for the following issues:

3       EHLO validation in sect 4.1.4, para 6
16      General use of "is permitted", etc
17      Should text be clarified to single code in continuations
        and dealing with 1yz
26      Revise description of reverse-paths to prevent repeated
        citations of "server adds its own…"
27      Straighten out and define terminology for talking about headers
28      Client behavior with unrecognized code

Unless there's a problem with the updated text in -03, these issues will
be considered closed.

        Tony Hansen

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