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Re: Recap: Re: rfc2821bis-03 Issue 32: "MUST take responsibility"

2007-04-29 20:46:22

--On Sunday, 29 April, 2007 23:24 -0400 Tony Hansen
<tony(_at_)att(_dot_)com> wrote:

The consensus on the basic issue of changing the wording of
this paragraph to include the word MUST:

      The responsibility of an SMTP client is to transfer mail
      messages to one or more SMTP servers, or report its
      failure to do so.

      In either case, a formal handoff of responsibility for
      the message occurs: the protocol requires that a server
      MUST accept responsibility for either delivering a
      message or properly reporting the failure to do so.

is positive.

However, several people raised issues with some ambiguities in
the text. I found Dave Crocker's description of the
ambiguities to be the most succinct. These ambiguities do
exist whether the MUST is there or not, so they pass my "chair
filter", so should probably be dealt with.

Text would be welcome.