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Re: RFC2821bis-01 Issue 7: Use of 2119 definitions for conformity language

2007-04-30 02:32:57

Tony Hansen wrote:
In -03, there was a bunch of MUSTard (MUST/SHOULD/MAYs) added under
issue 16 (changing informal statements about requirements to more
formal, 2119-like, language). This was an alternative to issue 7 to
switch fully to 2119. Since John posted this, there have been no
comments whatsoever.

Issue 16 and issue 7 are AFAIK mostly unrelated, and I've mentioned
the question of 2119 keywords in other threads.  If you think that
16 and 7 are "alternatives" this idea should get its own issue number,
it's the first time that I hear that.  And I think it's wrong.  

Assuming that we're we talking about the same thing, getting rid of
the idiosyncratic terminology in 2.3 and using a 2119 reference like
numerous other RFCs.  

Often John assigned an issue number after some discussion.  I have
considered that as "it's now noted, so let's look for other bugs".

I haven't considered these issue numbers as an invitation to post
anything I wrote before they were assigned again, that would make
no sense.


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