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Re: Recap: Re: RFC2821bis-02 Issue 30: Deprecate use of source routes completely and remove text

2007-04-30 02:19:12

Tony Hansen wrote:

Since John formulated this summary and suggestion almost a week ago,
there has been no comment. Nix, nada, zilch.

Hu ?  The question of return routes was discussed elsewhere, and IIRC
some folks supported to kill them.  For a value of "some" not smaller
than one.

They muddy the water because they can't work as expected when they're
generally ignored and/or not generated.  Nobody supported to revive
return routes (in a minimalistic fashion at the border or otherwise),
it won't work.  It's just syntactical junk that has to be accepted
and ignored when it comes from 821-SMTPs, if such systems still exist.

John proposed to put the cruft into F.2 also in another message, and
that got several reactions, or do I start to dream about 2821bis ?


P.S. to Arnt:  ACK, we can't go to the IESG with "" addresses,
they'd kill us with a reason, no matter who originally wrote the text.

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