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Re: 2821bis: received: ... for clause

2007-06-17 17:44:30

Robert A. Rosenberg wrote:

Given the single-mailbox constraint, the exposure of the address in a
for clause, should be a non-issue no matter how the address ended up in
the RCPT-TO envelope list (Address in To/Cc/Bcc or via a mailing list
subscribe) since the message is being delivered to that single mailbox
not more than one mailbox at that domain.

I gave an admittedly-contrived example of how this could be a major issue:

MAIL FROM:<boss(_at_)example(_dot_)com>
RCPT TO:<suckers-to-be-laid-off-next-week(_at_)example(_dot_)com>
From: boss(_at_)example(_dot_)com
To: dummy(_at_)example(_dot_)com
Subject: Memo about stock-option vesting


In other words, you may not want members of an alias to know which
alias they're on.