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Re: Mailing lists as 2822-Sender

2007-12-01 16:18:57
On 2007-12-01 22:11:28 +0100, Frank Ellermann wrote:

John Levine wrote on the DKIM list:

Would the mailing list software replace the Sender: Scott header
field, or would it reject the submission ?
Replace it, since the list is the Sender: for the mail it sends.

Okay, let's say that's what "some" (= maybe almost all) lists do.

But it's not specified in RFC 1123 5.3.6(b), therefore also not in
RFC 2821 3.10, and most important not in I-D.klensin-2821bis 3.9:

| 3.9.  Mailing Lists and Aliases
| An SMTP-capable host SHOULD support both the alias and the list
| models of address expansion for multiple delivery.  When a message
| is delivered or forwarded to each address of an expanded list form,
| the return address in the envelope ("MAIL FROM:") MUST be changed
| to be the address of a person or other entity who administers the
| list.  However, in this case, the message header section (RFC2822
| [9]) MUST be left unchanged; in particular, the "From" field of
| the header section is unaffected.

Note "the message header section [...] MUST be left unchanged".  

We're in Last Call about this, this will be the "law", if you think
it is flawed please say so - but better not only on the DKIM list.

Thanks for pointing this out. I do think this is flawed. Not only
prevents this inserting or altering a "Sender" field, it also
contradicts RFC 2369 (a proposed standard), which recommends inserting
various "List-*" fields into the header.


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