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Re: Mailing lists as 2822-Sender

2007-12-01 17:19:26

Peter J. Holzer wrote:

Note "the message header section [...] MUST be left unchanged".  
We're in Last Call about this, this will be the "law", if you
think it is flawed please say so - but better not only on the
DKIM list.

Thanks for pointing this out. I do think this is flawed. Not
only prevents this inserting or altering a "Sender" field,

I'd be tempted to accept this as collateral damage, but this...

it also contradicts RFC 2369 (a proposed standard), which 
recommends inserting various "List-*" fields into the header. of course serious.  The Last Call was premature, we need
to go through the complete draft, one section per week, or a
similar approach.  Now I'm very curious what John thinks of
touching MUSTard in 2821bis, I recall his comment about a MUST
in my "4409 to STD" proposal (also related to 4406 oddities).


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