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Re: rfc2821bis-07 (and -08)

2008-02-20 11:46:55


I've gotten several "whoops, didn't get this to you on time"
proposed changes/corrections to 2821bis-07.

Tony has only had a chance to review one of them, and I'm not
making further changes without his go-ahead.   I also want to
point out that this can go on forever, with people raising new
issues, or almost-new issues, on a continual basis until we all
run out of patience and abandon the 2821bis effort.

However, it is clear that there will be a -08.  I carved out
time to get -07 posted in the hope that we could be finished
with this before Philadelphia.  Given other commitments, we have
probably lost that window.  It is not clear whether -08 will
appear prior to the posting deadline but, even if Tony gets to
me quickly enough and I can get it out, I can pretty much
guarantee that, if there is a need for a -09, the odds of its
appearing much before -08 expires will be extremely low.


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