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Re: Using RSET with the EHLO/HELO fallback logic

2008-02-25 07:17:00

Hi Hector,
At 02:11 25-02-2008, Hector Santos wrote:
Don't you think this is important information to "keep" or bring back in some form into 2821bis? It explains everything.

It's good that we know about it to have a better grasp of the mail environment. The section I quoted talks about responses from improperly implemented servers. That was 13 years ago. It's high time that was fixed. I don't think it should be brought back into RFC 2821bis because:

1. There is already text to tell us what to do (refer to my previous message).

 2.  We cannot support improperly implemented servers forever.

 3.  We don't want the specifications to be longer than necessary.

Or did the system, blame game work? I was able to show the big brand name $$$$ AVS appliance vendor the "errors of their ways" using 2821 only and they made the change/fix.

The system blame game never works. :-) You took the decision to make a change that fixes the problem. That's always the best alternative.