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Re: Implicit MX and A RRs

2008-03-27 12:22:55

At 00:00 27-03-2008, Matti Aarnio wrote:
There will be lots of legacy codes using legacy APIs for long future.
I do use  getaddrinfo()  API myself, and permit it do all queries to
get addresses.  Thus it will also query for A in addition to AAAA.
It can even be ordered to ignore IPv4 or IPv6 as sysadmin wants.

Please see the suggested text I posted. It leaves it to the operator to decide whether AAAA RRs should be ignored or not if there is no MX record which is somewhat similar to what you are doing.

For the future the previous "query for A record" should possibly
be altered to "query for network address (IPv6 AAAA and/or IPv4 A)"
or some such generic wording.

That's what rfc2821bis-09 says. There were some comments on the ietf mailing list for and against that.

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