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Re: Minor isn't. It's a pardigm change

2008-03-30 17:43:02

Dave Crocker wrote:

the change moves the MX from being an administrative 
convenience to instead being a core requirement, ie,
barrier to deployment.

As far as the wording "implicit MX" means something the
"MX" concept is not only an administrative convenvenience,
but fundamental.  If a paradigm changed it was in RFC 974. 

The "administrative convenience" was to make this not
explicitly, when it is in a way redundant for a single
IPv4 host acting as its own "implicit" MX.

For the transition to IPv6 many hosts limited to IPvX
will have to arrange for an explicit MX, handling any
non-IPvX mail for them.  

How many hosts will have both A and AAAA for the time
of the transition, and consider adding an explicit MX
as deployment barrier ?


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