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Re: Minor is. It's not a pardigm change

2008-03-30 18:30:33

John R Levine wrote:
Quite true. If the goal is to maximize the total amount of mail delivered to mail servers, legit mail, spam, blowback, phishes, whatever, then fallback to AAAA is definitely the right thing to do. But is that really what we're trying to accomplish?

I thought the goal was to add v6 support to Internet mail.

A rather simple and straightforward task that the current draft satisfies reasonably, modulo the usual wordsmith-hacking.

It appears that there has been a spontaneous desire for some spiffy new goals to be overloaded onto that one, long-standing *requirement*.

This amounts to retro-active re-design on-the-fly.

With a predictable range of unpredicted implications.

For a spec that is intended merely to be moving from Proposed to Draft.

Bad idea.


  Dave Crocker
  Brandenburg InternetWorking