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Defaulting to no mail for IPv6-only hosts

2008-03-31 02:09:54

I fine-tuned the subject field ;)

John C Klensin writes:
Of course, the firm requirement in 2821 that all domains in email addresses be fully-qualified, plus either a little knowledge or a quick determination that "hostname" is not a TLD, is sufficient to reject such messages as non-deliverable as soon as they touch the mail system and possibly earlier.

Of course.

But the hostnames I see _are_ fully qualified. Don't you have messages like this?

    From: "Something R. Other" <something(_at_)example(_dot_)com>
    Sender: something(_at_)foo(_dot_)example(_dot_)com

I have tens of thousands of messages where the From field's domain is a strict postfix of the Sender field's domain. I don't know how to estimate how many of the Sender addresses are deliverable, but it's few enough that I consider them all untrustworthy and don't use them.

The fact that those rejections do not occur often enough may be more evidence about the futility of trying to fix these sorts of problems by fine-tuning standards.

I sort of agree with the argument, except that IMO it doesn't apply in the common case.


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