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Re: deprecate implicit MX even for IPv4

2008-04-07 01:46:57

On Mon, 7 Apr 2008, Rudy Nedved wrote:


I agree with your assessment in the context of a mail entity which is
worried about delivering mail to potentially 100,000 or more domains.

These high value e-mail servers should have less to worry about and
less to agree to. It seems like implicit MX records should be dropped.

Alas, I don't agree that these rules should be applied to a mail entity
which worries about delivery mail to one domain, inside of a company,
protected and/or isolated (air gap networks) from the internet.

We need a 2 tier model with 2 sets of requirements and expectations.



tha's fine with me. I definitely distinguish between internet and intranet
issues. I use different methods and policies to accept and deliver email
in our intranet than with the internet. But the standard should be about
the internet.

Michael Storz