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Re: Queued Mail or Unreturnable Mail?

2008-05-03 16:16:39

John Leslie wrote:

My personal inclination is to declare "guessing" out of scope for
returning DSNs. We already know that not every domain wants them.
Declaring that one MUST send them even when the receiving domain
has not expressed an interest in receiving them leads to known
problems _today_. It would be good, IMHO, to have a clear way to
declare an interest in receiving them, or _not_ receiving them

That is a solved problem for senders and receivers participating
in SPF, a PASS means "yes, please inform me about delivery issues
as specified in 2821bis".

A FAIL means "please reject at your border, a (wannabe) originator
as indicated in the reverse-path is likely not the real originator,
and where that is not the case it is a problem to be solved by the
hop before you (forwarder or simply an erroneous policy), not your

No guessing involved for PASS and FAIL.