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Existing email address meta-syntax standards, especially GSTN

2008-05-21 11:27:17


It is worth mentioning that there already are mutliple meta-syntax standards for email local-part strings.

While I have a vague memory of there being more than two, the ones I know about in detail are:

  RFC 3191, Minimal GSTN address format in Internet Mail

  RFC 3801, Voice Profile for Internet Mail - version 2 (VPIMv2)

Please note that the BATV proposal seems to be compatible with RFC3191, in terms of having a registered string followed by an equal sign.


Perhaps this means we do not need to define a new registry, but merely add values to the IANA GSTN Service-Selector table?

Why create a new table if we don't have to?

For that matter, why debate about a new syntax if we don't have to?...


  Dave Crocker
  Brandenburg InternetWorking