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IESG response fixes for 2821bis

2008-07-07 20:32:44

Tony Hansen wrote:

PS. John has also made some minor ABNF tweaks in response to the IESG comments, as well as adding an explicit acknowledgment to Jon Postel's work. I'll post a note about these separately.

Trying to be transparent in the process here.

The following changes were made during the IESG go-around and will be included in the version of 2821bis passed to the RFC editor. Hopefully they're all non-controversial.

1) Added ; to last comment line for ehlo-param

2) Made consistent the names Forward-path, QcontentSMTP, address-literal

3) Restored the Standardized-tag production from 2821

    Standardized-tag = Ldh-str

4) There were a couple definitions that were originally pulled in from 2822, but 2822upd does not have comparable definitions.

    provided a "dcontent" definition

        dcontent = %d33-90 /    ; Printable US-ASCII    
                %d94-126        ; excl. "[", "\", "]"

    renamed "text" name to be "textstring" and gave it this definition

        textstring = 1*(%d09 / %d32-126) ; HT, SP, Printable US-ASCII

5) Typo: "implementating" => "implementing"

6) John added this acknowledgment paragraph:

    Neither this document nor RFC 2821 would have been possible without
    the many contribution and insights of the late Jon Postel. Those
    contributions of course include the original specification of SMTP
    in RFC 821. A considerable quantity of text from RFC 821 still
    appears in this document as do several of Jon's original examples
    which have been updated only as needed to reflect other changes in
    the specification.

7) Typo: "in in" => "in"

        Tony Hansen