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2008-10-24 14:57:15

At 09:22 24-10-2008, Tony Finch wrote:
However I don't know how to address its weaknesses for inter-domain
relaying via MX records. At the same time relaying is often much less
vulnerable to active attack than message submission, so there seems to me
to be less need for TLS in this situation. (I'd probably have a less
sanguine point of view if I had lots of mail going through a dodgy shared
hosting environment...)

There is a need for TLS in some inter-domain relaying. Some mail providers use it, by agreement, to provide a secure transport. The environment is not your usual shared hosting. The setup is more of a S/MIME "replacement" as TLS is viewed as cheaper and easier to deploy as it doesn't require as many changes for the end-user.

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