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Re: RFC 5321bis / 2821ter

2009-01-23 04:55:48

John C Klensin writes:
Question: Is it time to formally deprecate 821 and, in particular, the main feature that distinguishes it: the use of HELO by SMTP clients? We would still need to require that SMTP servers accept it, but we would tell full-capability clients (including the client side of relays and gateways) that HELO is obsolete.

I think a lot of people would answer "you mean it isn't already?"

One corollary of this is that we'd be telling low-capability clients, particularly those that are part of MUA systems, that they should be talking to Submit ports, not SMTP ones.

I beg to differ. Low-capability clients cannot effectively talk to submit, since submit tends to demand SASL support in the client.


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