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Re: Yahoo 461 responses.

2009-02-17 05:40:01

Hector Santos wrote:

I just read in our support list, a message asking:

   Also, anyone ever had to deal with getting a 461 error from
   yahoo servers?

Does anyone know what this means?

Also, some rhetorical questions:

It should not cause a state machine flow issue, but why is YAHOO
throwing mud in the water by using a reply code clearly bound to have
a conflict with a SMTP client?

Couldn't YAHOO live within the specification x0z to x5z reply code

Is YAHOO special? <g>

Have you seen the error? Are you sure it's not something like:
450 4.6.1 ....

which is valid AFAIAA. Someone who isn't up on SMTP might call the
'4.6.1' code a '461 error'

If not, then:

- it shouldn't cause any significant state machine issues (it wouldn't
with our software, any unrecognised 4xx codes are treated identically,
it doesn't care whether they're valid or not).

- Yahoo should live within the specs

- No, but they think they are (like Google and many other large ISPs)

Paul Smith

VPOP3 - POP3/SMTP/IMAP4/Webmail Email server for Windows

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