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Re: Yahoo 461 responses.

2009-02-17 07:17:36

Paul Smith wrote:
Hector Santos wrote:
I just read in our support list, a message asking:

   Also, anyone ever had to deal with getting a 461 error from
   yahoo servers?

Does anyone know what this means?

Also, some rhetorical questions:
Have you seen the error? Are you sure it's not something like:
450 4.6.1 ....

Excellent point.

I just read it in support list. I need to ask the customer to show the session log and ask the same question. Thanks. The guy is pretty smart, but you could be right.

- Yahoo should live within the specs

In principle, I would say it is prudent YAHOO and large ISPs MUST live within the specs. Big sites, besides serving as great SMTP compliant testing sites for many developers, they are more than likely subject to product liability issues when they are not meeting the specs. <g>


Hector Santos

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