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Re: orcpt=x;y

2009-05-15 16:03:01

ned+ietf-smtp(_at_)mrochek(_dot_)com writes:
This seems odd.

I fail to see anything odd about it.

Don't you think it's odd to explictly allow labeling non-822 addresses as rfc822?

I mean, I see the argument for allowing anything, but to then label that rfc822 seems very odd.

So "hands off" really is the best policy here.

(JFYI, I wasn't suggesting anything else. My actual problem came up while comparing addresses. Is this address equal to that, is this address in that set, that kind of thing.)

I will say that if there are agents out there that are sufficiently up to date to generate ORCPT but still don't know how to present a syntactially valid RCPT TO, well, that's pretty unfortunate.

Such is the world.


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