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Re: Email System Model

2009-05-21 11:37:06

Hector Santos wrote:

An example is:

which has a specifications and format to help automate a process of creating an export or update and emailing it to them. Our utility uses them as an example using a email template to send the a new list or updated names.

I should note that this was circa 2003 time frame and it was before we got involved with the then new IETF avs, spoofing, phishing efforts. It was also the SORBIG emerge with its infamous dual blitz email attach strategy finally waking up and showing the world we had a serious spoofing and backscattering issue with ACCEPT/BOUNCE SMTP systems.

Since then we have our own AVS stuff so that might explain why we hardly hear from any of our customers needing to outsource some AVS MX relay host.

I would venture that this was a general trend as more and more systems began to take more responsibility of the crap coming into their system have their own built-in set or suite of SMTP based AVS measures - out of necessity and probably also to eliminate the cost of having to outsource this functionality.


Hector Santos

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