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Re: Email System Model

2009-05-18 05:16:07

David MacQuigg wrote:
Hector Santos wrote:
I do think, in my opinion, your first illustration is pretty fundamental and much easier to understand, grasp without reading the context.


I'm looking for constructive criticism. If you believe the model is oversimplified, give me an example of an important system that the model should cover.

Backup MXes. Nowadays, having good connections and much spam, backup MXes are avoided by the organizations whose networks would require to outsource them (while primary MXes are contracted in.) Should connections worsen, e.g. for solar activity[1], war, or terrorism, those organizations may be in for a hard surprise.

I had hoped that a protocol for configuring forwarding would have smoothly lent itself to also configure secondary MXes[2], so as to kill both birds with one stone, but either I lack the brain resources to see its simplicity, or it is by far more complicate than what I can manage in my spare time :-(


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