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Re: blacklisting backscatter

2010-04-10 16:11:39

John Leslie wrote:
   What do folks think of

   (Hopefully we agree that backscatter deserves to be avoided; but
automated blacklisting for backscatter worries me a bit...)

John Leslie <john(_at_)jlc(_dot_)net>

If you know for sure it is backscatter (<null> return address, but no valid authentication code) then REJECT is no risk.

Otherwise, treat it the same as any other spam. Send it to quarantine, with whatever score is assigned by your spam filter. The only thing I blacklist is the megawatt sources on the Spamhaus Zen list. Everything else is either whitelisted, based on a correct and reputable heloname, or quarantined. Almost zero spam in over a year, and no lost messages. Mine is a small domain (, so scaling is still a question.

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