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Re: Yahoo Mail Filtering

2010-07-20 10:40:07


I can explain how the Yahoo support operates:

Sometimes Yahoo gives to my users smtp temporary error with a hyperlink where to report the problem. When I write the report, Yahoo asks for more information A, when I explain A, they ask for B, when I write B, they ask about A, and when I write A, they ask for B...

The answers are precomposed, the support is just clicking there what to ask as next, everytime I get a different contact person. When I ask for telephone converstation, they say there is no such option...

I am nearly to give up.

Със здраве

Hector Santos schrieb:

Can someone here explain how YAHOO operates their mail system?

It seem so random in what seems to be always accepting a transaction but intermittently delivered or not.

At one point it appears to deliver mail if the yahoo recipient had once sent mail to the sender. But then that theory is shot when mail is not received by the yahoo account on a 2nd or 3rd attempt.

I'm getting tired of having to service SMTP customers who are asking us why their yahoo recipients are not getting their mail - sometimes.

There doesn't seem to be a clear patten.

I'm asking here to see if this is an isolated issue or more common with other SMTP operators and vendors.

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