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Re: Yahoo Mail Filtering

2010-07-31 13:38:05

J.D. Falk wrote:

It's not the wikipedia definition of greylisting, but they do use 4xx replies to control the flow of inbound mail.

Ok, now I am starting to see 45x "grey listings", here is snap shot of a mail queue:

250-Begin Mail Queue Manager
250-att: 4, to: xxxxxxxxxx(_at_)ymail(_dot_)com, next: 07/31/2010 14:24:33
250-att: 6, to: xxxx(_at_)cornell(_dot_)edu, next: 07/31/2010 14:22:08
250-att: 4, to: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx(_at_)yahoo(_dot_)com, next: 07/31/2010 14:28:11
250-att: 4, to: xxxxxxxx(_at_)yahoo(_dot_)com, next: 07/31/2010 14:28:20
250-att: 3, to: xxxxxx(_at_)ymail(_dot_)com, next: 07/31/2010 14:25:42
250-att: 3, to: xxxxxxxxxxx(_at_)yahoo(_dot_)com, next: 07/31/2010 14:24:56
250-att: 2, to: xxxxxxxxxx(_at_)yahoo(_dot_)com, next: 07/31/2010 14:15:27
250-att: 2, to: xxxxxxx(_at_)yahoo(_dot_)com, next: 07/31/2010 14:15:48
250-att: 2, to: xxxxx(_at_)yahoo(_dot_)com, next: 07/31/2010 14:15:04
250 End Mail Queue Manager

Except one, all yahoo.

There are multiple retries spread across different machines.

Do you think they need the same exact IP or they support a class C
machine distribution?

I might have to change the software to use the same first machine to retry when it sees a 451.


Hector Santos

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