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Re: Yahoo Mail Filtering

2010-07-21 13:29:40

J.D. Falk wrote:

On Jul 20, 2010, at 7:46 PM, Hector Santos wrote:

It's not the wikipedia definition of greylisting, but they do use 4xx replies 
to control the flow of inbound mail.

A SMTP customer I was working, provider a link showing a greylist transaction. From my perspective, the user spoke as it was a persistent behavior.

But I have yet to see it in the 2-3 weeks of exploring this YAHOO issue with the customer. So it made me think the user was experiencing maybe a YAHOO exploration into greylisting at the time or it was done on a per IP basis or something. I have not seen it in all our send mail attempts.

Absolutely, no pattern, inconsistent "DISCARDING" and delivery of mail.

Often, filters will be reacting to a system-wide pattern that

> an individual user can't see.  To give an overly
> simplified and surely incorrect example, if a spammer were sending
> "test #4" all day, then your entirely legitimate "test #4" would
> get caught too.

That said, if the mail is being discarded due to system-wide

> (rather than recipient-specific) filters, I'd personally prefer
> to see a 5xx reply instead.

Well, I prefer they follow decades of SMTP practice of mail delivery or bounce. Although new semantics has been written into 5321, discarding mail is not recommended behavior, and IMHO, I don't mind mentioning the behavior smacks against US ECPA provisions for "user expectations."

> But: their system, their rules.

Sure, but this random "discard" and mail delivery unknown practice, rule or "protocol" is costing people time and money in solving mail delivery issues when in fact, their are no transport or content issues in what is otherwise private 1 to 1 messages.

My daughter ( who had a yahoo account for a long time has recently started gotten thousands of email because she is a controversial contestant on the Bravo reality TV show, "Work Of Art: Next Great Artist" and now what was once a reliable occasional private sending mail to her by me or her mother, is now not getting through - its random.

So I reminded her that she always had the email domain and server running with her Wildcat! based web site and can avoid YAHOO altogether.


Hector Santos

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