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Re: NDNs considered harmful

2010-08-12 09:32:23

 On 12/08/2010 14:28, Rosenwald, Jordan wrote:
True statement, but that means the senders of the other 5% are now left
in the dark as to what happened to their mail.
Is there a proposed solution to that?

Maybe we just recommend sending NDNs to people if their email is DKIMed or if it came from a server matching SPF rules, or if the return path uses BATV

It's better than never sending them at all, and those provisions make it reasonably certain that the sender's email address wasn't forged.

Also, it might encourage people to put in place the anti-forgery methods.

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I note, again fwiw, that I've been trying to get various advocates
for a ban (or near-ban) on NDNs to write that separate document and
propose a specific model at regular intervals since well before
2821 was completed.
I'm new to that particular topic.  Can you explain its motivation or
point me to a discussion thread that lays it out so I can get some
Nothing surprising -- on today's Internet where 95% of mail is spam
and essentially all the spam has forged return addresses, no matter
how careful you are, most of your NDNs will be blowback to people who
didn't send the mail.