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Re: ABNF in RFC5321

2010-10-18 13:07:35

On 18 Oct 2010, at 17:53, Murray S. Kucherawy wrote:
It looks to me like there’s an ABNF citation issue in RFC5321.  Section 
4.1.2’s ABNF makes reference to “atext” but it’s not defined anywhere.  It is 
defined in RFC5322 though.

Agreed, I have reported this here already as well.  I'm afraid it slipped when 
I was doing the final review.  "String" is also declared but never used in any 
of the syntax.

I don’t see this covered in any RFC5321 errata.  Shall I open one?

I should.  The omission can be put down to an editorial nit.


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