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Re: ABNF in RFC5321

2010-10-18 13:14:17

--On Monday, October 18, 2010 9:53 AM -0700 "Murray S.
Kucherawy" <msk(_at_)cloudmark(_dot_)com> wrote:

It looks to me like there's an ABNF citation issue in RFC5321.
Section 4.1.2's ABNF makes reference to "atext" but it's not
defined anywhere.  It is defined in RFC5322 though.

I don't see this covered in any RFC5321 errata.  Shall I open

Without taking the time to search the document, I believe that
there is a statement that any productions that cannot be found
are defined either in the base ABNF spec or in 5322.  If that is
not the case, you can amuse yourself by opening an erratum if
you want to.   If you do, I assume that someone will go back to
the document, find that statement, and use a pointer to it to
close the error report.

FWIW, when 5321bis sees the light of day (certainly you should
not expect it to be posted today or otherwise in time for IETF
79), it contains a complete production index including explicit
indications as to where each definition can be found.  I expect
that you will see it eventually, but it is very unlikely to be
before the earlier of (1) the status of Internet Standard and
YAM being clarified or (2) sometime after I step off of the IAB
in March.


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