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Re: RFC 5321 VRFY and quoting syntax

2011-05-11 16:39:19

A. Rothman wrote:

However, for outputs, it MUST be in angle bracket email form.

Oh I see, the example is wrong! To match the text, it should be:

    User Name
    User Name <local-part@domain>

but it seems there would be three input forms:

    User Name
    User Name <local-part@domain>

+1 in principle for an errata!!

That's a separate ambiguity :-)
Whichever of the above is correct, it still does not solve the conflict with the other section that states 'the reply MUST include the <Mailbox> name using a "<local-part@domain>" construction'. If your interpretation is correct, it should be worded "If the reply contains a mailbox, it MUST include it using a "<local-part@domain>" construction" or something like that (the format is conditioned on the inclusion of the mailbox, rather than being an absolute requirement).

I guess I'm first trying to figure out what the correct interpretation is, so that I can know what the errata should say.


I'll punt on the ABNF syntax issue, if any. I always have trouble reading those anyway.

But see 3.5.1 paragraph:

   "User name" is a fuzzy term and has been used deliberately.  An
   implementation of the VRFY or EXPN commands MUST include at least
   recognition of local mailboxes as "user names".  However, since
   current Internet practice often results in a single host handling
   mail for multiple domains, hosts, especially hosts that provide this
   functionality, SHOULD accept the "local-part@domain" form as a "user
   name"; hosts MAY also choose to recognize other strings as "user

Not looking at the ABNF, this all the prior text in the 3.5.1 section does sort of make sense. It depends on how you interpret User Name.


Hector Santos