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Re: RFC 5321 VRFY and quoting syntax

2011-05-23 12:02:36

If there's no further input, I'll go for the errata. Murray - can I take you up on your offer to help with the process?

To summarize:

1. Update the paragraph in section 4.1.2 regarding the use of the backslash to explicitly mention it applies only when used in a quoted-string.

2. Section 3.5.2 claims the responses from a VRFY or EXPN request must include the mailbox name using a "<local-part@domain>" construction - this both contradicts section 3.5.1 (which allows a response without the pointed brackets), and doesn't make sense on it's own since a 252 response might not even have anything to return.

and optionally:

3. Seciton 3.5.1 can specify that in particular, using pointed brackets without quotes (as is used in MAIL and RCPT commands) is not valid here, since this seems to be a common mistake and the wording leaves room for confusion (although the ABNF is correct).


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