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Re: slight update to draft-macdonald-antispam-registry

2011-05-11 16:40:35

John C Klensin wrote:
--On Wednesday, May 11, 2011 21:31 +0200 Arnt Gulbrandsen
<arnt(_at_)gulbrandsen(_dot_)priv(_dot_)no> wrote:

On 05/11/2011 08:04 PM, Keith Moore wrote:
I've suffered far more harm from people blocking my incoming
mail due to input from DNSBLs, than I've ever suffered from
How I envy you.

I think it depends a bit on how one measures "harm".  I tend to
feel significantly harmed when legitimate messages (either ones
I send or ones that are sent to me) are not delivered -- even
one or two a month is an intolerable level.  By contrast, I see
spam as an expensive waste of time and resources, regardless of
the mechanism I use to deal with those messages (usually
amounting to a tradeoff between time and resources).  But, as
far as "harm" goes, non-delivery of messages that should have
been delivered and instead vanished without a trace is, for me,
qualitatively worse than any quantity of spam.


So, sadly, I'm inclined to agree with Keith.

Well, it depends on one's perspective. If you are in the business of marketing and/or writing DMA or bulk mailing tools, then sure, you don't like rejections, especially when IPs are discovered to be black listed.

On the other hand, if you are not in the business and support this stuff for yourself and customers, its no fun to suddenly find yourself black listed on a particular list. Fortunately, there are procedures to get off the list that was somehow added by some stupid user. My network ISP also got some complaint from a customer still getting OPT-IN announcements but forget to unsubscribe. The ISP threaten us to lost our network and we came back with Tortious Interference warning - problem solved. So sure, no one likes it when its personal.

Overall I agree with Dave, the industry benefit as a whole has been recognized and it is what it is - it isn't like its going to go away. Marketers or tools people for Marketers who believe that receivers should accept all mail and let the user decide is not the real world. The issue is not just the potential abuse on users, but also potential for the federal protection against abuse on systems as well - receivers has rights too! All you have to prove $5000 (may be $25,000 today) in harm/lost and you can dial up the FBI to file a case!


Hector Santos