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RE: More comments on: draft-melnikov-smtp-priority-02

2011-07-13 22:59:29

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Subject: Re: More comments on: draft-melnikov-smtp-priority-02

Second, protecting MT-Priority by DKIM-signing it results in broken
signatures in case the priority is altered by a conforming server
before relaying to a non-conforming one.

Right. This is indeed a problem. But I am not yet sure what would be
more important - preserving the priority value (in case some downstream
MTA support it), or preserving the DKIM Signature. I need to think a
bit more about that.

If the MTA is DKIM-aware, it could detect whether MT-Priority is signed and 
then decide not to change it.  But that seems pretty complicated.

I think in this case it should simply re-sign the message after alteration.

You could also discourage signing of it, citing this example.