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Re: The purpose of QUIT

2011-08-28 19:22:00

Robert A. Rosenberg wrote:
I would like to hear what was the (DRUMS) thinking towards making it a MUST.

While I do not know DRUMS reason, I can think of one reason to require the QUIT. It signals that the client is done and has received all of its mail and has logged all of them. If I remember correctly the deletes of mail sent from the server to the client un response to the client's DEL commands is performed when the QUIT is received by the Server not as each DEL is received. If the connection drops before that, the deletes will not occur and the messages will be offered again at the next connection.

Yes, as Klensin noted, that is the POP3 design. Another posted brought up the idea that this could be part of the "confusion" and reason for equating POP3 QUIT behavior with SMTP.

Under POP3, its classified as moving the server into UPDATE mode where it can do the final markings of the messages received or delete status. The idea of supporting "Roaming Users" is central to all this.


Hector Santos

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