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Re: Recipient is offline

2011-09-05 12:17:47

Dave CROCKER wrote:

The lesson here is that any 'retransmission' scheme needs an exit strategy, perhaps better thought of as a means of internally routing around a blockage...


This was a main reason Fidonet had a mandatory ZMH (Zone Mail Hour) routing requirement so that delivery was possible if going direct was not possible was exhausted or it was listed as a private node in the nodelist).

In the better Fidonet mailer, it was typical to have a scheduler with very flexible routing rules, especially when POTS phone charges were not flat.

   00-23 Route Mail directly
   17-23 Route Mail directly if Area Code is not your Area Code
   05-06 Route Mail via Network host  (ZMH override)

SMTP attempts to emulate the need of "failure to directly connect" with the recommendation to have at least two MX records with two different SMTP host networks.

Question, do some telco return to have different rates with the mobile business? Does anyone seen this happening more to reduce bandwidth loads during the day vs night?


Hector Santos

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