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RE: Recipient is offline

2011-09-04 00:43:10

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message delivery succeeds?

Exim works in roughly this way.

So does our product (currently called Oracle Communications Messaging Server,
but who knows what the name will be tomorrow ;-), although there are a number
of additional details like message priority and number of previous delivery
attempts that have to be factored in.

I've always assumed that a fair number of other MTAs also do this sort of

To my knowledge, sendmail implements the queue with the factors Ned listed 
above included in its sorting, but it doesn't have a system that detects "Oh 
hey, that host is available again, I'm going to flush everything I have queued 
for it."  That just falls out naturally as one aspect of a complete queue run.

What it does do is notice that a connection to some host has failed, and then 
remember that for a while so it doesn't try again and have to wait for 
connect() to time out (which can take a while, slowing things down 

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