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Re: How aggressively to reject Pipelining errors?

2011-10-07 05:50:59

Carl S. Gutekunst <csg(_at_)alameth(_dot_)org> wrote:

At the moment, I'm only performing this check after the STARTTLS command. But
that got me to wondering: would it be wise/unwise to check after other
commands, e.g., EHLO, DATA, or AUTH? RFC 2920 is silent on the topic of what
the server may do if the client violates the rules.

Exim does fairly aggressive synchronization checks by default and has done
for many years. It does not cause interop problems in my experience.

See the "pipelining_advertise_hosts", "smtp_enforce_sync", and
"smtp_max_synprot_errors" options at

(sorry, the options don't have individual anchors)

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