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Re: The anti-abuse rDNS check that FTP gave up

2011-10-07 03:44:59

On 07/Oct/11 02:39, Dave CROCKER wrote:
On 10/5/2011 11:47 AM, Carl S. Gutekunst wrote:

The problem is nearly all of our anti-spam measures are empirical.

The real problem is that you think that empirical foundation matters
in these sorts of discussions...

Doesn't it?  IMHO, an empirically-founded method is likely to be a
better candidate for standardizing an anti-spam technique than a
purely theoretical work.  After this rationale, e.g., I'll be
pondering on whether or not to propose TXT "abuse(_at_)example(_dot_)com" [*]

based on the pros and cons that have been highlighted here, as well as
the interest that this topic seems to elicit.

[*] see
(Actually, RIRs are rather skeptical on the effectiveness of this
tool.  Quite few abuse-mailboxes are currently defined in the whois
databases, and their reliability will be worsen by making them
mandatory.  The outcome of my pondering is currently "no".)