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RE: FW: I-D Action: draft-kucherawy-received-state-00.txt

2012-01-09 22:30:17

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Subject: Re: FW: I-D Action: draft-kucherawy-received-state-00.txt

In the first paragraph of section 3, I'd say MAY rather than SHOULD,
both because it conflicts with the OPTIONAL at the end of the section,
and just because the world has gotten along without this feature for
30 years so its practical necessity remains debatable.

The SHOULD only applies to people that are implementing this, meaning if you 
claim to be compliant with this, then you'll always add it unless you have a 
very good (operational) reason why you don't.  If it was SHOULD and also 
"Updates RFC5321", I'd agree with you, but this is meant as an independent and 
optional extension.

But since you're the second person to mention that, I guess some wordsmithing 
is in order to make that clear.

Other than that it seems mostly harmless.  Has anyone implemented it

I've floated the idea to some open source and commercial MTAs and mailbox 
providers, and one popular MLM.  We'll see what traction it gets.