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Re: [ietf-smtp] Dotless domains and email

2013-06-21 12:58:25
In practice, reliable delivery It requires at least two labels in the FQDN of a 
mail address.

Quite a few of the mail systems I've tested break when a dotless domain is 
used.  So there's an operational issue with this use.
Although I've looked, I've never been able to find a current RFC that requires 
a dot on the RHS of SMTP addresses.


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Does anyone have an explanation for the assessment in the ICANN report
that at least two levels are required?

a) they goofed

2) MTAs running on Unix-ish systems typically use POSIX
gethostbyname() or res_query() to resolve host names.  Most implementations of 
those routines when presented with an unqualified name will first try the name 
with a locally configured default domain, and only if that fails will try the 
bare name.  There is a parameter in the resolver config file to change that, 
but I don't know anyone who changes it.

So it's not in the RFC, but it's sure in the code, and the way it's 
implemented, a local host name will mask a dotless TLD, leading to highly 
unpredictable results.

The counter-counter argument is that a fair number of ccTLDs have MX records 
for the TLD and the world hasn't come to an end, such as the world's shortest 
e-mail address n@ai.  For a good time, do an MX lookup on gt.

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