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Re: [ietf-smtp] Dotless domains and email

2013-06-28 09:04:30
On Thu 27/Jun/2013 06:56:51 +0200 Keith Moore wrote:
I've seen a lot of code (including but not just in email software) that
assumed that if a domain name contained a dot, it was an FQDN (and
therefore should be taken as correct as-is), and if it didn't contain a
dot, it was potentially an alias (and therefore subject to having a
default domain suffix appended to it).

I'm not sure appending a domain is the right thing to do.  If you have
RCPT TO:<postmaster>, or something like that, you also append the "@".
RFC 5321 just says "mechanisms for inferring FQDNs from partial names or
local aliases are outside of this specification."

How about RCPT TO:<user@local>?  According to RFC 6762, "operators
SHOULD NOT attempt to configure authoritative DNS servers to act as
authoritative for any of these names."  So any address or MX should be
defined using mDNS.  It might make sense to devise an SMTP flavor that
works with such data --would it be called a multicast MTA?
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