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Re: [ietf-smtp] Request for discussion of Mandatory Secure Mail Delivery proposal (draft-wchuang-msmd)

2013-10-17 19:52:47
Hi Wei,
At 10:02 17-10-2013, Wei Chuang wrote:
Agreed this was useful to look at. Was the I-D for RFC 6710 discussed on this mailing list? or if you happen to know the I-D name, I can try to search for it. The discussions would be interesting.

The I-D name is draft-melnikov-smtp-priority. It was discussed on apps-discuss(_at_)ietf(_dot_)org. There is a (previous) thread at

If this is a pattern, I wonder if a common platform could be built to support specifying behavior at mail delivery and having the propagate along with the message and derivatives? This is what this proposal is trying to do for the more specific mail delivery security context.

It's an interesting question.  I'll comment below.

I would answer with something wishy washy like "more safe".

That's a step forward. This is a quick thought. I would explore "hand-off of responsibility".


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