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Re: [ietf-smtp] Idea: Two-Way Mail

2015-03-06 12:44:10

--On Friday, March 06, 2015 09:59 -0800 Douglas Otis
<doug(_dot_)mtview(_at_)gmail(_dot_)com> wrote:

Agreeing with Martijn.  The Internet will reach a tipping
point for IPv6.  Diehards insist this will never happen for
email, however use of infrastructure identifiers rapidly
becomes overwhelming when over IPv6 or proxied into IPv4
through massively shared infrastructure.  What will having an
rDNS PTR record really mean?  The malefactors are upping the
game with BGP injections. For example, can there be a standard
that support SMTP where both the client and server are
confirmed such as DANE-DANE/SMTP?

Nothing above is really inconsistent with my comments -- I was
just pointing out another aspect of the spam-specific issue.
Partially for those reasons, I believe that it is unlikely that
a redesigned and even somewhat incompatible mail system will be
deployed and get significant use on the basis of spam mitigation
alone, but I certainly would not try to prevent anyone from

Write a proposal, in the usual I-D form and with all of the
relevant details, including a transition strategy, and see if
there is sufficient interest to move it forward.   Or implement
your ideas and try them out in the marketplace.  To paraphrase
some comments from long ago, the shoulders of the information
superhighway are littered with proprietary email solutions that
did not interoperate smoothly with SMTP, but perhaps the next
one will be more lucky.


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