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Re: [ietf-smtp] [pkix] another attempt to canonicalize local parts

2016-03-12 03:46:50
I think the poor match between the addresses in certs and the ones in real mail is one of the reasons.

I've seen something called S/MIME in MUAs, but it is not even close to
what I would consider usable support for encryption & digital signatures
in EMail.  The original PGP, although it's not used more often,
at least doesn't suffer from obvious S/MIME fuckups. ...

Oh, I didn't say it was the *only* reason.

Another issue is with encrypted EMail (one receives) and having to roll
one's own S/MIME keypair when the short-lived cert expires. ...

Finally this year there is a public S/MIME CA that will resign a certificatre rather than issuing a new one each year, but it's taken, what, 20 years? This confirms your point and John K's that current MUA crypto is for the most part a checklist item, not something that most people would want to use.


PS: I'm using Alpine from macports. There's been something broken in S/MIME signing for years, and nobody other than me (sort of) cares or even notices.

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